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ECO2Sys assists Australian businesses to become more innovative, efficient and effective. Part of being more effective includes understanding sustainability and resource efficiency and how addressing these areas can increase productivity, profitability and market competitiveness. By doing this in a manner that increases the prosperity of enterprises whilst transitioning to a zero waste paradigm, we are playing our part in moving toward a ‘blue economy’

As part of the global market, Australian businesses must become more sustainable or risk being left behind. There is enormous scope for innovation in resource efficiency (energy, water and materials) and in reducing environmental impacts. Sustainable businesses will provide the next great opportunity for productivity gains in the Australian economy and will improve the country's international competitive advantage.

Many businesses are positioning themselves to pursue new investment and business opportunities in response to concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, resource depletion and environmental degradation. They are also finding demand within the supply chain for greater environmental accountability leading to new and more efficient ways to deliver goods and services.

With the assistance of a qualified business facilitator, the SDT helps organisations to identify areas to reduce energy, water and material consumption, plan for change and adopt new technologies that will help reduce their environmental impact. It will assist them to see how sustainability can become a core part of the whole business DNA through integration with the market and operational and management processes.

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